Presidential Seal – George W Bush Titleist NXT Golf Ball


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Presidential Seal – George W Bush Titleist NXT Logo

Rare, Collectable Golf Ball

We found this Presidential Seal – George W Bush Titleist NXT Golf Ball during a used golf ball buying trip to a Colorado golf course.  While watching THOUSANDS of golf balls empty into DOZENS of boxes, this one just didn’t fit in!  There is no mistaking the Presidential Seal…and the ball does not look like it has ever been hit or played.  It is totally in mint condition…if not new.  Good to see the U.S. Government is buying stuff made in America.


On occasion, we find some very collectible golf balls mixed in with our purchases.  As we clean and sort the truckloads and pallets of balls, many collectibles show up.  When we discover them we sometimes add them to our collection. Sometimes we pick them out of the herd and sell them!

These collectible golf balls are for the sports memorabilia fan.  We never know when they will “show up.”  Our extensive expertise in all-things-golf-ball puts us in a unique position to recognize these collectibles and get them into our inventory.

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