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Jacobs Hidden Gems - Your Guide to Obscure Golf Courses Mount Massive Golf Course, Colorado

Mount Massive Golf Course

The name says it all. Mt. Massive Golf Course is America’s highest golf course. The course is located in Colorado and is very affordable to play.

 “Just west of 10,152 foot Historic Leadville, Mt. Massive Golf Course is the highest golf course in  America (despite any claims other courses may make!).

Mount Massive Golf Course is a nine-hole public course on the outskirts of Leadville. Set in the open spaces of the Arkansas River Valley near the river’s headwaters, ringed by the tallest mountains in the state, surrounded by ranchland and forest, it has a truly spectacular setting.

Mount Massive Golf Course sits at the base of two of Colorado’s highest mountains, just outside the historic mining town of  Leadville, Colorado.

Originally established in 1939, the beauty of the scenery has drawn golfers here for over seventy years. This beautiful course with small-town charm welcomes players of all ages and abilities to enjoy golf in a majestic and awe-inspiring setting.”

Mount Massive Golf Course

Visit them at: www.mtmassivegolf.com

Mount Massive Golf Course
259 County Road 5
Leadville, CO 80461

(719) 486-2176

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