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Jacobs Hidden Gems - Your Guide to Obscure Golf Courses River Oaks Country Club, Paso Robles, CA

Don’t have time to play 18 or even 9?

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Then River Oaks G.C. is the perfect match for you. The 6 hole course is the first in the nation. There are three sets of tees which provide a totally different angle of attack into each green.  However…don’t be fooled…you have to keep it straight because water is in play on half of the holes!River Oaks Golf Course Map - Golf Ball Monster

River Oaks Golf Course is an entirely new and unique concept in recreational golfing. It was designed as a one-of-a-kind course by Rudy Duran and Gary Wishon—the first six-hole “Player Development” course in the nation. The Par-19 course has three tees for each hole with different angles of approach to the green. Focusing on the angle rather than the distance is beneficial to all levels of golfers, from beginning, intermediate and advanced to junior and senior golfers.

River Oaks Golf Course

Paso Robles or “Pass of the Oaks” is located in the central mountains of California…near the ocean and near the desert too.  Lots of things to do in the area including lots of vinyards, visit the Estrella Warbird Air Museum, shop, hike, oh, and…GOLF!






Visit them at:

Only two hours north/north west of Santa Barbara, California!

Open daily from 8:00am to dusk
700 Clubhouse Drive, Paso Robles, CA 93446
Call (805) 226-8099 for tee times 

Suggestions for a course at Jacob’s Hidden Gems are welcome!  Just email us!

Note: Of course you will need golf balls to play here.  Get them at GolfballMonster.com!

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