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The closest golf course is only 810 miles away!

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Think you’ve seen remote?  Wait until you visit Greenland!  Although the country only has 57,000 people, there is still Nuuk Golf Club, a 9 hole golf course (soon to be 18) (if not already).  What makes this course unique is the elevation changes and rock formations.  This is golf club is the furthest northermost golf course on Earth.  The next time you are in Nuuk, Greenland, make sure you tee it up on Nuuk Golf Club!

Finding Nuuk Greenland from Outer Space

“Golf amidst birds and crowberries on
the world’s only Arctic grass golf course”

Getting to the Nuuk Golf Club


“In Greenland’s capital, Nuuk, there is a beautiful nine-hole golf course of 2,109 metres (yellow tee) and 1,790 meters (red tee) respectively. This is a par 33 course, with one par 5 hole, four par 4 holes and four par 3 holes.”



Golfing at Nuuk Golf Club, Greenland

Find more information here:

La Bosse
Nuuk, 03 3900

Telephone: +299484473

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