Jacob’s Hidden Gems – Fair Isle Golf Course, Scotland

Jacobs Hidden Gems - Your Guide to Obscure Golf Courses Fair Isle, Scotland

Fair Isle Scotland UK

The 6 hole course is located at the bottom of this photograph which is the south end of the isle. There is a white lighthouse seen here. Note that there is another light house on the north end of the island. This island is 50 miles south of the Shetland Islands.

Labeled as the most remote golf course in the world (or darn close), Fair Isle has only 6 holes. Set on an island with only 60 residents it takes multiple air plane stops and a ferry ride to get there. Note: Their web site RECOMMENDS taking EXTRA GOLF BALLS!  You can get them from Golfball Monster before you leave on your trip!Fair Isle Map

Fair Isle is a tiny island mid-way between Orkney and Shetland in the far north beyond the Scottish mainland, with 67 human inhabitants and unknown numbers of sea birds and visiting migratory species as well as whales and dolphins etc.”Light House

Visit them at  http://fair-isle.blogspot.co.uk/p/golf.html

Auld Haa House
Fair Isle
Shetland Islands
Scotland, UK.

Phone # 011 44 1595 760 349

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