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GBM’s trip to New York City to get more golf balls…

The Golfball Monster crew headed to New York City in November of 2014 and worked for about a week to fill up a full semi with used golf balls.  From range balls to MINT Titleist we collected nearly 75 tons of golf balls.  It is amazing how many sources we have to visit to get enough to fill a full semi trailer…and we filled up two!  Here are some photos of the adventure.  Over 40 TONS of golf balls traveled via train from Brooklyn to California.  The rest went into a container.  Once the golf balls get to the shop we wash and sort them and get them ready for you!

Golfball Monster in New York

1 & 2) Golf balls come to us in MANY conditions and “packaging”.  These two photos show a typical golf ball nightmare…they are full of dirt, spiders, and un-boxed.  We have to pack these into boxes just to get them on the trucks.  This usually involves a lot of shoveling and hard work!
3) Here you see Cero packing a container with used golf balls.  Cero, Jim, and Dean were all in NYC on this trip.  Cero is the Golfball Monster man who usually packs your order back in Ventura.  Each of those bags on the truck weighs about 90 pounds!
4) The 53 foot trailer is nearly full.  After seven days of collecting and packing it had about 22 pallets of golf balls and they weighed over 40 tons.
5) Here is our staging yard in Brooklyn.  In this yard our collected golf balls were consolidated onto pallets from sources all over NYC, Long Island, along the Hudson, and also New Jersey.
6) The semi is full and pulls out from Brooklyn heading for the local rail yard in the Newark area.  The trailer then went on a train to Los Angeles and from there to the GBM warehouse in Ventura, California.
7) Manhattan Island as seen from the east.  We were heading back to Brooklyn with a van-load of golf balls.  That tall building in the center is new to the skyline and is on the southern edge of Central Park.  The Empire State Building is about 1/4 of the way over from the left edge.
The Monster Blog from GolfballMonster is about all kinds of GOLF BALL things, places, people, art, and facts

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