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“Cosmetically Challenged” Pinnacle Practice Yellow AB Grade


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“Cosmetically Challenged” Pinnacle Practice Yellow AB Grade

Used Range Golf Balls

These Pinnacle Practice Yellow AB Grade may look a bit “Cosmetically Challenged” but they are a SOLID AB Grade ball with a ton of life in them.  Here is their story:  These balls spent their youth on an Astroturf municipal driving range.  That plastic turf left a little bit of green on the ball…not dirt…more like a stain.   This stain will eventually fade a bit but will never completely disappear.  If you can handle a duller looking ball you will save some money on this and get a LOT of use from them too.

The stripe on these balls is great.  The dimples are great.  They hit straight and deliver everything a Pinnacle Practice ball SHOULD.  We put a lot of photos here so you can see them..but be smart and look BENEATH the skin…look UNDER THE HOOD.  These are a great value for these used range golf balls…perfect for your driving range needs!

Our prices are the lowest you will find AND our quality is the highest and service is king!  Money back guarantee if you are not satisfied…but you will be.

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