Jacob’s Hidden Gems Meadow Farms Golf Course Virginia

Jacobs Hidden Gems - Your Guide to Obscure Golf Courses Meadow Farms Golf Course, Virginia

Meadow Farms Golf Course  - WaterfallThis course is like none you’ve ever seen! There is a par three on top of a waterfall, and an 841 par 6 …the longest hole in America.

Don’t forget the par three that is in a baseball field.Meadow Farms Golf Course Baseball Diamond



Visit them at http://www.meadowsfarmsgolfcourse.com/

Meadows Farms Golf Courses
4300 Flat Run Rd.
Locust Grove, VA 22508
Phone: 540.854.9890

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Note: Of course you will need golf balls to play here.  Get them at GolfballMonster.com!

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